The Power Of Podcasts For Content Marketing

Jul 7, 2015 … Take a look at how podcasts can be used in your own marketing campaigns and the benefits of using audio content in this Koozai post.

Podcasting For Content Marketing Professionals – Podcasting tips, tools and interviews to Build Your Audience Through The Power Of Podcasting. With Simon Dunant. Register for this webinar series to find out why podcasting is the fastest growing untapped opportunity for content marketers…

Content Marketing Challenge Review - Month 26 Analytics From Blog, YouTube & Podcast Revealed! Content marketing is marketing. It’s the standard now and it will still be the standard for connecting with your audience in 2030. And that’s why I’m covering it, once again, in my new book, Future Marketing: Winning in the Prosumer Age.

In addition, if you host your content on podcast directories, such as iTunes, this will help it to appear when someone conducts a search via the specific directory or platform they’re using. Ultimately, podcasts and the pages they’re hosted on can end up achieving their own search rankings, which will have a positive impact on your site.

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The Power of Podcasts. The Internet plays host to a large volume of content and as a business you need to find unique ways to stand out from the competition in your industry. Audio based content and podcasts in particular are one way to achieve this and using this medium has plenty of advantages, including:

Aug 1, 2018 … 6 marketing podcasts every content marketer needs to hear in 2019 …. This was the message in “The Quiet Power of Conversational Copy,” …

Description Are you looking for a way to share your message with a wider audience? If you are like most business owners you’re wearing 15 different hats on any given day.

We interviewed josh cobb from real estate marketing agency Stepps.Com.Au in episode 001 of the Podcast Power Marketing Podcast, and asked him what impact and tangible benefits starting his podcast ‘The Real Estate Pros‘ had made on his business.

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Banking Should Include Podcasts as Part of content marketing strategy subscribe Now Get The Financial Brand Newsletter for FREE – Sign Up Now Consumers are reading less and listening more, driving enormous growth of video and audio content consumed on mobile devices.

Feb 23, 2017 … Podcasts harness the power of audio. “Podcasts command the captive attention of their audiences like few other media,” Jessi Hempel of Wired …

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The Power of Podcasting is a weekly audio podcast focused on the strategies and case studies from people who have created a business by sharing How to effectively use podcasts to get more clients! The 3 Part Marketing Strategy for podcasts. The 5 stages of building a podcast business (and what…

As with any content piece, think about ways you can repurpose content to create a podcast. If you’ve written an e-book that generated a lot of interest, interview the people you quoted. Check out the competition. You want to differentiate yourself from comparable podcasts. Think of ways you can improve on their format and provide your unique point of view.

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